New-trition labels

The nutitition labels are changing once again (Photo courtesy of

The nutrition labels are changing once again (Photo courtesy of

Andrew Albert (@AndrewJAlbert01)

Once again, nutrition labels are changing. This time, it is for practical reason rather than just an update to the way things look.

Everyone has been there. Pringles slogan is “once you pop, the fun don’t stop.” This rings true for a lot of different products that we eat and drink. When is the last time you, or anyone you know has drank half a bottle of soda because there are supposed to be two serving sizes in the bottle? The probable answer is never.

According to politico, the food labels are now going to reflect that inability to stop. First Lady Michelle Obama is one of the big proponents of the plan that will make realistic observations as to how many calories people are eating when they pick up a bag of Chex Mix or a 20oz soda from the gas station.

The change comes as a part of the Lets Move! campaign that was started four years ago to help fight childhood obesity. Calories will be displayed more prominently on the labels, and the serving sizes will reflect how much typical Americans eat. The sheer numbers may be enough to help people put down the Doritos before the bag is gone, this time.

Another big change that will be reflected on the labels comes with the content of sugar. Sugar is added to about 75 percent of processed food, and the label will reflect that. It is in the works that the label will say how much natural, and how much added sugar is in each product. The goal is to show people just how bad the things they are putting in their body are for them.

The idea will most likely be effective for America, helping people realize just how many calories they are intaking. I know if I saw the amount of Doritos I ate had 600 calories as opposed to the serving size count of 210, they would be back in the cupboard in a heartbeat.


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