Obesity overhaul

Andrew Albert (@AndrewJAlbert01)

Dr. Edie Goldbacher stopped by the online journalism class to discuss obesity, and what can be done about the disease that impacts America in more ways than we realize. Obesity runs high in this country, and there are plenty of reasons why. Dr. Goldbacher said that a lack of healthy foods is one reason why people are overweight in America. She mentioned that a bottle of sugary hugs costs less than a bottle of water. In fact, according to the Huffington Post, eating healthy will cost you $550 more a year, which is money that some people just do not have. 

Another reason cited by Dr. Goldbacher believes there is an obesity in this country is distracted eating. People will sit down on the couch and watch a movie and eat popcorn or candy and not realize just how much they are eating. According to Harvard, mindful eating is something that needs to be observed in order to limit calories. I know as a guy I have ordered pizza and wings for a football game and not realized just how many calories I am consuming, leading to overeating. 

Goldbacher’s talk was valuable in ways to counteract obesity in this country. She had valid points about food deserts, where it is hard for people in urban areas to get fresh fruits and vegetables, aiding to unhealthy eating. This is currently a problem in the area around La Salle. There are very few places to get fresh fruits and veggies, but plenty of places to get high calorie and fatty foods. The availability of healthy foods would be a large step in Exploring Nutrition. 


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