Henstenburg stresses healthy choices

Andrew Albert (@AndrewJAlbert01)


Dr. Jule Anne Henstenburg is an expert on nutrition (Photo: La Salle University)

When you walk into the supermarket, you are faced with many choices. From fresh foods to foods loaded with preservatives, supermarkets, such as Fresh Grocer, have it all. Eating healthy is not an easy choice, but it is a choice that starts right at the supermarket according to Dr. Jule Anne Henstenburg. 

In her visit to Professor Beatty’s online journalism class, she outlined the struggles people go through in order to eat healthy. A person making minimum wage and working full time comes home with just about $15,000 a year, which does not leave a lot left for food. With that money, they are forced to make it last, so healthy foods that go out of date quickly are seemingly out of the question, not to mention they are more expensive.  

Aside from the notorious food deserts that exist, not many people are educated about making the right choices when it comes to nutrition. Henstenburg and her nutrition classes are trying to change that one step at a time. They hand out pamphlets at the Fresh Grocer that educate people about healthy choices. The program, started by Wal Mart, aims to get people to make the smart choices in the supermarkets. 

Henstenburg’s theories are all well and good, but when it comes down to it, unhealthy food is less expensive than healthy food. When people do not have enough money to get by, they are not going to spring for fresh fruits and veggies. Until SNAP or Food Stamps covers more money explicitly for healthy foods, there will always he a problem. 


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