America’s nutrition lapse

America has problems around the nation giving access to fresh, healthy food (Photo:

America has problems around the nation giving access to fresh, healthy food (Photo:

Andrew Albert (@AndrewJAlbert01)

America is known as the most powerful and wealthy country in the free world. Yet, the United States deals with plenty of problems feeding their population. Not only is there a lack of access to quality and nutritious food, but sometimes there is a lack of food altogether.

According to Take Part, Major cities in the United States such as Dayton and New Orleans have a lack of access to food. Right around 23 percent of people in those two cities have food hardships, which seems far too high.

In another article on, a study was done by Harvard that says the difference between eating healthy and eating unhealthy was just $1.50 per day. If the government would spend just $1.50 more per day for SNAP benefits, America would be healthier, and health care costs would most likely go down.

It seems like a rather simple solution to a complex problem. Everybody complains about the cost of healthcare, but are not willing to invest more into a program that would make people healthier for the long run. Sometimes you have to bet big to win big, and this seems like that case.



These photos were all taken with my iPhone 5, which has an eight megapixel camera with it. The first photo was taken at the Fresh Grocer at the Shoppes at La Salle. It is one of the only places to get fresh fruits and veggies in the area. The second photo is of Binzini’s restaurant. There was physical caution tape, which was ironic because their menu was not very healthy, and people should use caution. The third photo is of Sorrento’s Pizzeria. Pizza is not one of the healthiest options, but it is fast and easy. The last photo is of the menu at Dunkin Donuts. There are a lot of flashy chains in the area, but they do not offer very healthy options. All of the photos were optimized to be 225×300 using photoshop.

Tom Wingert and his nutrition role

Tom Wingert is leaving La Salle University, and headed to a more national role

Tom Wingert is leaving La Salle University, and headed to a more national role

By: Andrew Albert (@AndrewJAlbert01)

When Tom Wingert  started the Germantown Hunger Network, he did not think much of it. In fact, he almost wanted to shove it to the side in lieu of other projects. It was not until a WHYY Newsworks article was published that he realized just how much it could help people in Germantown.

He and his team decided to work to get Philadelphia nonprofits to try to work together and network to ensure that people in the area got the food they needed in what was one of the worst food deserts in the city. He collaborated with close to 50 organizations that do close to the same thing to be more efficient and effective.

Though he is leaving the network, and La Salle University for a program called Ignite-good, which trains leaders in the nonprofit world, the Exploring Nutrition program is still very active. Wingert plans on traveling to 20 different cities from around the country to explore the same problems in the social sector. The program is an under program of the Huffington Post.

His experiences can most definitely help with this blog. The networks that he established can be used, dropping his name of course, to get better and more hard hitting answers and results. His connections with the various organizations can help make getting interviews easier for our entire class.

Another interesting thing that he touched on was the relationship with the Fresh Grocer. This is very interesting, and something worth looking into. What does La Salle and the Exploring Nutrition program have invested in the Fresh Grocer, and what is their motive.

The relationship could be a very fruitful one if the right balance was struck between the two, if that is possible. They have the ability to help the Germantown area in a way that could ripple around the city and set a standard for access to nutritious foods.

Tom can be contacted by e-mail at

What’s what with this blog

The Exploring Nutrition initiative will be essential to our blog.

The Exploring Nutrition initiative will be essential to our blog. (Photo:

Welcome to Nutrition Nuggets, the latest nutrition blog. We will be investigating the Exploring Nutrition program at La Salle University. The neighborhood around La Salle has often been criticized for its lack of healthy options for the residents around the area. We will be working closely with the University, as well as schools, food pantries, and food providers to see what’s what with nutrition in North Philly. Come along for the ride.